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Maas Theater & Dance
Maas Theater & Dance is physical, imaginative and distinctive in every sense. We perform for everyone: children from the age of 3, school classes, families, teens and young adults. You can see us in our home city of Rotterdam and around the world. Maas Theater and Dance presents the following performances for international tours:

Egg-tion Hero
Starring one of the most booorrring action heroes ever (3+)

Moving sound poetry for toddlers (4+)

Whodunit for toddlers (4+)

Tough triplets on adventure (4+)

The Mistress Ballet
A lively mix of theatre and dance for the whole family (6+)

An interactive performance in search for silence (6+)

A wild, poetic, and moving adventure (8-108)

Heart-warming dance theater (8-108)

Hello Family
Wintry portraits (8-108)

Life is nothing but a battle (12+)

An ode to failing gloriously (12+)

Solo by Nas and Jim
Ego-trip with casual electropop (14+)

Ode to the follower (14+)



A performance where you can doze off (1,5+)

Wanted: Rabbit
Miniaturized theater for toddlers: thrills, suspense and fun, all very nearby (3+)

The Man Who Knows It All
Encyclopedic pretentions in a performance for toddlers (4+)

Heart-warming dance theater for toddlers (4+)

Tough Luck Brother Peanut Butter
A dance theater performance for the age of 4 (4+)

Everyday life as a slapsctick (4+)

About feeling loss and taking leave (5+)

The Fibsterer
The truth about lying (6+)

Ain’t Afraid
About the fun of quarreling (6+)

Fly Away
A comical, inside out, upside down performance (6+)

Peter Pan Was Here
The fairytale you thought you knew (6+)

Wild Thing
A dance adventure with live percussion (6+)

Nobody’s Boy
A touching classic brought to the stage (8+)

Tale of the Numbers
An absurdly logical tale with animated films, music and fantastic riddles (8+)

Alice in Wonderland
Come and join us to the land of half-believe (8+)

Wild Game Unchained
New talent that makes energetic and humorous virtuoso dance theatre (8+)

An enchanting love story (8-108)

Happily Ever After
Cheerful and virtuoso physical dance performance about the endless end (8+)

The Greeks
A tryptich by Duda Paiva (9+)

Experience the roots of Beatle mania (10+)

Bye Bye Baby
A solo performance with a thousand imaginary friends (10+)

A pumping performance about the power of money (12+)

100% Selfmade
About following your heart, and an uncompromising love for dancing (12+)

When We Set Sail from Rotterdam
Sail away with Maas (12+)

Wild Game Unchained
 A unique mix of short pieces designed to confuse (12+)

Rite of Spring
The threat of beauty (13 +)

Sell Me Your Secret
Interactive theater about privacy (14+)

Spotlight on boys (14+)

Play It Back
Exploring the fake and the real (14+)

The Silent Twins
Secrets of horror twins (16+)