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Moniek Merkx, artistic director

Moniek Merkx is a director, a writer and a dramaturge. She has been the artistic director of Maas Theatre and Dance since 2013. Moniek graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 1984 (Theatre Studies) with a thesis called Modern Dance in Development. She has worked for a large number of theatre, dance, and mime companies in the Netherlands. Additionally, she gave lectures at different art schools. Since 2003, Moniek has been the artistic director of theatergroep Max., which became Maas Theatre and Dance in 2013.

Moniek Merkx as a director
In 1989 Moniek debuted as a director for a mime company called Suver Nuver, for which she directed twelve times in the end. From 1994 to 2003, Moniek was associated with Theater Artemis as a regular guest director. There she won the Hans Snoekprijs two times. Among others, she has worked for Alex d’Electrique, Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot, Carrousel, Childrens Theatre Company Minneapolis, De Ploeg and Space. She has won the VSCD mime award in 1998, a Tony Award in 2003, a Silver Cricket in 2006 and 2019 and a Golden Cricket in 2017. Max. productions by Moniek include Lear’s Daughters (Silver Cricket), Peter Pan Was Here, Help, and Steel. Since 2013, Moniek has been the artistic director of Maas Theatre and Dance, where she directed City of Dreams, Nobody’s Boy, Tale of the Numbers, Rite of Spring, Ain’t Afraid, Alice in Wonderland, LOVE (Golden Cricket &  nomination Mime Award), Beauty and the Beast, Party and Hello family (Silver Cricket). Lampie and Wild Kitchen are her newest productions. Moniek has almost 100 productions to her name in total.

Moniek Merkx as a writer
Moniek Merkx usually writes her own scripts. Additionally she creates open and free adaptations of existing stories. She then opts for mythological figures or kids’ heroes such as Peter Pan or Remi (Nobody’s Boy). There is also plenty of space for physical contributions, musical ideas and personal stories from the actors. Moniek has written almost 50 theatre scripts throughout her career. In 2019 / 2020 she writes Lampie and The Mistress Ballet. Together with Dorien Folkers and Jowi Schmitz, Moniek has written a theatre guidebook for schools called First Aid in Case of Theatre.