Maas theater dans podium

About Maas

Maas Theater and Dance is physical, imaginative and distinctive in every sense. We perform for everyone: children from the age of 3, school classes, families, teens and young adults. You can see us in our home city of Rotterdam and around the world.

Maas represents something new for the Dutch performing arts scene combining two separate disciplines, dance and theater, in a single company. Choreographers and theater directors join forces and at other times have the space to further develop in their own discipline. The artists will explore new terrain, delving into mime, music-theater, interactive media and circus.

Maas performs for children, teens and young adults. Children will be transported into fantasy worlds and exciting adventures. Teens and young adults will not only watch performances, but will also have the opportunity to perform themselves, via workshops and group sessions. Young adults who exhibit talent and serious professional dance or theater ambitions will get a platform, coaching and the chance to develop at Maas.

Bernadette Stokvis is the financial director of Maas. Moniek Merkx is artistic director, defining artistic policy together with a team that also includes Dorien Folkers and Jolanda Spoel.

Maas is young
Flows and produces energy
Maas carries you with it into the depths
To underwater worlds and castles in the air
To just around the corner and behind the wallpaper
To yourself and the other
To close-up and now

Maas moves to faraway lands
Through big cities and enchanted forests
Past campfires and football fields
Where families live with babies and teenagers
Who crave stories and action and dreams

Maas is fresh and clear
Gives you ideas and goose bumps
Is about mixing and is always live
And Maas is togetherness
Or pleasantly alone in the dark

In the past, performances of the three Maas partners (Meekers, Theatre Group Siberia, Theatre Group Max.) often travelled abroad, for instance at Seattle Children’s Theater, Children’s Theater Company Minneapolis (Tony Award), Szene Bunte Wähne (Austria), Starke Stücke (Germany), Theaterformen (Germany), Big Break Moscow, Imaginate Festival Edinburgh and National Arts Festival, Grahamstown Festival, South Africa.