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B-BOY provides a brief glimpse into the lives of breakdancers and the world of battling. An encounter between five very different dance personalities, who all defy the law of gravity.

Watch how they, with respect for the originators, evaluate 40 years of breakdance. They unscramble battle codes and hiphop principles, share their rituals and injuries, and are open about the endless training and the rivalry between dancers. They are also not afraid to give their no-nonsense opinion on each other’s skills and fails.

Armed with the last bit of street cred she has left, Jolanda Spoel plunges into the wondrous and explosive world of breakdance battles. As documentary choreographer, she creates a performance with and about breakdancers, about the many struggles artists face every day. A performance in which film and theatre and reality and fiction seamlessly blend together. In every city, the crew will be surprised with a guest appearance from a local breakdancer.

Jolanda Spoel about B-BOY
“B-BOY is an ode to breakdancers. As a theatre maker however, I don’t want to solely highlight the acrobatic virtuosity of breakdance, but also its narrative power, which is much greater than people might think.”

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