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A musical fairy tale about an ordinary eight-year-old girl
  • 8+
  • muziek
  • theater
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Every morning, a rabbit/sea bass/chicken walks to school on the other side of town with two mouflons/slugs/barnacle geese. She very much enjoys Mr. Grass Snake/Porpoise/Llama’s class, even though she has some trouble concentrating. A wood pigeon/beech marten/dairy cow goes to supervise her in class. How can they help her? Should she be looking to switch schools? With her paws/fins/wings quivering, she gets in the shrew/tapir/reedwarbler’s taxicab. Will the teacher be just as nice over there? And what about the party she was planning, in the springtime?

Within a diorama filled with animals, heartstrings and good intentions, Theater Artemis transforms the mundane into a dream-like ‘musical’. A fairy tale with live songs about school counselors, badminton, and being the odd one out.

Duration: 90 minutes

Family picknick
Come over a little earlier and enjoy a family picknick! We provide you with a picknickbasket filled with goods – where you sit down is up to you. Book your picknick along with your ticket! €7,50 for adults, €5,00 for children.




Egg hunt
Join the egg hunt! Some eggs are hidden in the foyer and/or the terrace after every show on the 1st and 2nd day of Easter. Can you find them? Everybody can join the search (free of charge) and there is no need to sign up.

  • Credits

  • By: Theater Artemis
    Directed by: 
    Jetse Batelaan
    Performed by: Sieger Baljon, Tjebbe Roelofs, Anneke Sluiters, Nimuë Walraven
    Music: Keimpe de Jong
    Voice: Leny Breederveld
    Set design: Wikke van Houwelingen, Marloes van der Hoek
    Costumes: Liesbet Swings
    Light design: Bart van den Heuvel
    Assistant director: Lara van Hoof
    Special thanks to: Arjen van Leeuw, Tg Oostpool, Ronald Schinkelshoek, Andreas Suntrop

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