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Whodunit for toddlers
  • 4+
  • theater
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Speed, a black shadow, squeaky shoes, a screaming alarm that gives everything away. Rascal is a rascal adventure for toddlers. With black masks, funny mime and simple reversals, the actors guide the children through an easy puzzle. Who is the real rascal? How do you sneak quietly and how can you help the police?

Two makeshift detectives give a ‘rascal’ masterclass. With fantasy, humour and slapstick, Lisa Groothof and Dwayne Toemere (who worked together before with Maas in EGG-tion HERO) deliver an exciting whodunit.

Lisa Groothof about Rascal
“I wanted to create a cool adventure for toddlers. My biggest source of inspiration is my own toddler; what he likes and what scares him. He likes to wrestle and fight, and so do I, by the way. I enjoy sitting on the couch and watch thrillers. This performance is also thrilling. And the fun part is: you don’t need a thing.”

Dwayne Toemere about Rascal
“The response of toddlers in a performance is open and honest, something adults could learn from. In Rascal, Lisa and I we step into the shoes of a rascal, in a very transparent manner. With a lot of playful energy, we guide the children to our world. Not by steeling anything, just by playing.”