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Miss Bookery just loves her books!
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Miss Bookery just loves her books! She has a very special pile of books that she wants to share with all children. No book is the same. In her hands they all come to life. One book turns into a car, then a train, and off they go! Another one becomes a delicious apple ready for a bite. Playful books that dance, tickle and giggle. Between these pages an ocean unfolds full of fish and wonders.

Green is an apple. Yellow is the sun on my face. A red car passes: Vroooooom! Surprised, the blue sky puffs a sigh…

Children can move and sing along. Come swim with the fishes or stretch your wings like a butterfly! Can you blow like the wind or drip like a raindrop? In this imaginative audiovisual treat all books combine to tell you a story. Miss Bookery takes you on her journey, through a world full of wonder, in a quest for her favorite book, and coming home.

Duration: 30 minutes


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  • Credits

  • Concept: Theatergroep Knars
    Direction: Martine van Ditzhuyzen
    Actor: Nynke Gabeler of Renate Moespot
    Music: Stephanie Pan
    Design: Elisabeth Enthoven
    Photos: Michael Polane en Moon Saris
    Collaborator: Jeroen Molenaar

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