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About the power and beauty of nature
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The friends go into nature. No mini-garden but a real wilderness! They put on their dungarees, get their garden tools ready and off they go. They sow, they harvest, they dig and they rake the ground as fast as they can. Together they create a world of beautiful plants. Flowers to smell, plants to look at, vegetables to make your mouth water. And of course a tree for climbing and to swing from!

The friends are completely self sufficient. They grow their own food and they recycle everything they can get their hands on.

Of course everything goes wrong. You can’t control nature, can you? There is a hail shower, mould, fungus and a burst pipe recycled into a wonderful tool that suddenly collapses. But together the friends are strong and  fortunately  they always find a solution.

Friends in the Country is a sequel to the successful plan-d productions Friends on Vacation, Friends in the Winter and Friends in the library. A lively and moving dance performance about the power and beauty of nature. But also about the vulnerability of the environment, plastic soup in the sea, CO2 emissions and thawing ice floats. Whatever happens, the friends don’t let each other down and always discover new things. Friends in the Country is therefore a wonderful ode to friendship, to fantasy and creativity.

Join in!
Friends in the country is a durable performance. We generate our own energy and we need the audience to help us. You have to help with generating electricity, making water spray, wind energy and claps of thunder.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Choreographer, dancer and decor designer Andreas Denk makes professional dance theatre for children and for adults. Stories about people and special places inspire him to reveal the absurdity of the situations that contemporary human beings get involved in.

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  • “An associative, almost clownesque physical performance. Nicely shaped, beautiful concept, good mixture of text and music. A pleasant meandering children’s play that tickles your imagination.” Leeuwarder Courant

    “a succesfuly made children’s play about sustainability.” Dagblad van het Noorden

  • Concept/choreographyAndreas Denk
    Direction: Ton Offerman
    Dance: Andreas Denk, Ilija Surla, Cherif Zaouali
    Music: Marit Thus
    Set and light design: Pink Steenvoorden, Einstein design

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  1. Het was een leuke vrolijke voorstelling. De liedjes waren ook vrolijk. Ik vond het leuk, dat er ook Servisch/Kroatische liedjes werden gezongen en gespeeld.

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