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Circunstruction is a circus-organisation in Rotterdam, where young circus artists have the opportunity to realize their dream: to create and invent their own circusperformance. Circunstruction offers graduated artists the possibility to develop their talent as circus maker and to create a new, authentic language.

This evening presents three inspiring projects where young circus creators exceed boundaries and show the diversity and creativity offered by the contemporary circus.

The messy ladies Rita & Rita (Annika Hemmerling and Julia Campistany) organize a tea party for the whole family where not only the teabags getting tangled disastrous but also the ladies themselves again and again hit in tangle with each other. Entangle is a layered performance with dance trapeze and balancing mouth for the whole family.

Juggling is a game of throwing, catching, and rebounding of objects in varying patterns. In CM_30 juggles not only juggler Kolja Huneck, also his objects are juggling. The simple circular discs reflect the light, scatter through the space and meanwhile are mixing the colour. The viewer gets the opportunity to interpret these visual images or just to enjoy the beauty of the movement.

Brace for impact
In brace for impact Britt Timmermans, Tijs Bastiaens and Mario Kunzi are looking at the limits of dynamic equilibrium and then specifically at the moment of falling. The moment when the balance tilts so far that the fall is inevitable … Brace for impact! Referring to the reality that the delicate balance in which we live can be disrupted anytime, Brace for Impact subtly show the importance of cooperation.

Circunstruction is part of the Circusdriedaagse. Three days of circus! Like every year, international circuscompanies take over Maaspodium with a wide variety of performances in the weekend of 15 to 17 november. Circus, dance, acrobatics and physical theater. Let the strength of the acrobats surprise you and listen to the stories of the freshly graduated circusartists.

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