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Worn out knees, not enough money, vague friends, growing older, algorithms. Do we try to take back control or do we just comfortably let things wash over us?

The men of 155, a breakdance group that consists of friends who grew up together, are now in their thirties. Will they choose to get a grip on their lives or do they decide to remain… ‘free’? That’s what this new performance – a co-production with Maas Theater and Dance – is all about.

Coming off the heels of their previous production, MOTORS, this new piece tackles the feeling of not being in control. It makes the performers ask themselves important questions; who do you want to be and what kind of attitude towards life do you want to have? Do you really want to keep dancing on those busted knees, just to escape from all those algorithms? To run from your responsibilities? Control is a performance about the authenticity and intensity of experiences.

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  • Venue/area: 10 m w x 10 m d x 4,5 m h
    Performance term: Oct to Dec 2020
    Duration: 60 to 70 minutes
    Frequency: 2 x per day on request
    Age: XL / 12+

    bookings through TVB Theater / 020 3080747 / mail@tvbtheater.nl

  • Dance: Erik BosThomas Bos, Sam van Eenbergen, Rein Luuring en nog twee dansers
    Choreography: Erik Bos en de dansers
    Visuals, live video: Thomas Bos
    Sound design: Sam van Eenbergen
    Decor, technics: Jakob Witte
    Coaching: Moniek Merkx
    Coproduction: 155 & Maas theater en dans

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