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A comical, inside out, upside down performance
  • 6+
  • danstheater
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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just stretch out your arms and fly away like a bird? Isn’t that what we all secretly long for: to be somewhere else, someone else, to have another life? FLY AWAY takes us on a humorous and absurd journey through time, memory and imagination, looking for an identity that we have misplaced somewhere along the way. ‘Excuse me, have you seen me passing by here recently? I lost myself. Here is a photo of what I look like. If you see me, please give me a call.’ A comical, inside out, upside down performance…

  • Credits

  • Concept & choreografie: Arthur Rosenfeld
    Dancers/actors: Angelina Deck, Fabian Holle, Yanaika Holle, Ans Kanen, Koen Kreulen
    Set design: Edwin Kolpa
    Costumes: Javier Murrugaren
    Light: André Goos
    Dramaturgical advice: Hans Timmerman
    Repetitor: Dan Hayward
    Photography: Antoinette Mooy

Première 26 okt 2011

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  • Fly Away

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