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For Catharsis, Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal Gomes made the choice to use film as a medium. The video Project Catharsis consist a series of four videos, that are beautiful seperately, but tell an even more impressice story as a series. A fusion of movement, intense and meaningful images, emotion and facial expression make Catharsis a video series that can speak to everyone. A story that unfolds like a lotus root from the cold mud into a beautiful flower, an identification for many.
During this FRESH evening the four episodes of Catharis will be shown. In addition there will be a live performance by Gil and other dancers from Amenti MoveMeant.

Gil “the Grid” is the founder and leader of Amenti MoveMeant, a dance collective that stimulates self-awareness through dance, art and knowledge. Also in in Gils daily life and solo projects self-development, spirituality and healing are invariably recurring
Gil moves from out the layers of Manipura and Ajna and gained vast knowledge of the self through Sahasrara. This shows in his dance by touching people’s soul like an old shamanic friend. Understanding others and the way they move make him a challenging and confronting figure while dancing.

This performance is part of FRESH: a creative platform for young people with great ideas. Every first Friday of the month, the Maaspodium belongs to someone else. A dancer, musician, actor or a collective. They are the creators of an evening-filling program. FRESH gives them a platform to experiment, create cross-overs, be innovative and create something unique.

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  • Makers: Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal, Steven Elbers
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  • FRESH: Catharsis

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