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FRESH is a creative platform for young people with big ideas, every month at the Maaspodium.

Art of Hip Hop Theatre; Right of Existence is an event where spoken word, Hip Hop, Theatre and Exposition come together to celebrate the power of innovation. For the established order and the Dutch public the first that comes to mind when thinking of Hip Hop Theatre is often acrobatics. In these exciting times of rapid growth in the choreography landscape artists such as Sheyda Darab try to unveil these types of prejudices, hoping Hip Hop Theatre will continue to take on as a mature genre. Fusion is the foundation for innovation, and the invited artists are the embodiment of this idea.

Right of Existence: Sheyda Darab’s latest choreography created by her own method ‘ Intrinsic flow’ shows a personal journey of 2 individuals finding their way in a maze of battle, beauty and the right to express ones inner desires. A place where live music meets movement. Violin: Mathilde Odilia. Dance: Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie. Choreography: Sheyda Darab icw dancer and musician.
Treasuries of Mysteries: Sheyda Darab’s latest Hip Hop theatre solo ‘Treasuries or Mysteries’ taps into the wealth that is in our deepest depths. From the treasures we keep hidden, to treasures we show and the treasures we see in others. Sheyda approaches Hip Hop Theatre as an extension of the word. By combining self-written poetry, spoken word and the 12th century poem ‘The Treasury of Mysteries’ by Iranian poet Nizami Ganjavi – the dance theatre maker is out to start a dialogue with herself and her public.
Spoken word: Mathilde Van Loon aka Sunny Loon (19) took up this challenge by Sheyda to create a spoken word performance where the love of Hip Hop meets feminism. She performed at Brave New Voices ( San Franciso) and Solar Festival. Her biggest inspirations are Hip Hop, andJazz, which inspire her to lyrics where music and poetry become one. As she takes her audience to a journey she draw us into her inner world with her raw rhythms.
Dance demo: Ruff City Crew shows a demo about the search for yourself and the yearning for impact, with a choreography of Reshmay.
Sjoerd Derine is photographer of dancetheater. During FRESH, he shows his exposition of battles and Hip Hop Theater performances for the first time.
Meet the artists: 
There is an after talk with all the artists in the foyer.


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  • Choreographer Sheyda earned her stripes in the dance world as a dancer at among others Danstheater Aya, Scapino Ballet, Nike and Juste Deboute – as well as maker for Dansmakers, Korzo, Theater of Jungen Welt and X Pats Casablanca. She choreographed for the Amsterdam Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz and teaches locally and abroad – from Belgium to China at Lucia Marthas, Codarts and the Amsterdam Academy of the Arts among others. Sheyda: “I see fusion as the foundation for innovation in the choreography landscape and hope that one day I’ll be able to open a ‘House of Hip Hop Theatre’ to represent this idea.”

  • FRESH curator: Sheyda Darab. Treasuries of Mysteries: Powered by: RIGHTABOUTNOW INC // Concept, dans en spel: Sheyda Darab. // Kostuums: Bamba Matondo Photography // Geluidontwerp: Junior Neph // Fotografie: André de Jongh. Right of Existence: Viool: Mathilde Odilia // Dans: Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie // Choreografie: Sheyda Darab icm danser en muzikant. Spoken word: Sunny Loon. Demo: Ruff City Crew o.b.v. choreografe Reshmay. Expositie: Sjoerd Derine.

    Flying Solo
    Once a year RIGHTABOUTNOW INC enables one maker the chance to create a solo with artistic guidance and production support by RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. As part of this international exchange program and development program – the solo premieres at the RIGHTABOUTNOW festival and the Flying Solo festival in Manchester.

    FRESH is a recurring event in Maaspodium, each time with a different creative designing the program. A creative platform for young people with big ideas.

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