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“From the Streets to the Seats” takes you on a journey that started many years ago as dancer in the streets of Amsterdam.

A documentary combined with a physical dance performance highlights the two different sites of a street performer: On the one hand an entertainer, on the other hand a human being.

With this documentary and performance Fractal Dance Collective shares their life style: the crazy situations they encountered during their travels through Europe, ‘hitting’ the streets to make a living:  The struggles and joys, the brotherhood, the freedom that comes with insecurities – and finally the constant urge to improve their skills.

Eventually, these performers chose the theatre to show what’s behind this mask and express what is really inside.

This is a path full of contrasts. A path that helped to develop a unique movement signature, a path that uses “Breakdance” to tell stories.

Fractal Dance Collective
Fractal Collective is a group of self-educated creatives who developed themselves within theatre and the breakdance battle scene. Their work brought them to nationally renown theatre companies, doing shows all through the Netherlands. They learned to recognise their theatrical abilities and found ways to use breakdancing for intimate storytelling. Fractal is using dance, film and music to bring the streets to the theatre.

From the Streets to the Seats is part of hiphopweekend in the Maaspodium. Be inspired from Friday 1 November to Sunday 3 November 2019 by the rich hiphopculture through dance, spoken word, theater and film. On the openingnight there is a hiphopconference. During the hiphopweekend there will be battle exhibitions, a DJ, space for freestyling and of course hiphop performances of Rotterdam talents and legends.

  • Credits

  • By: Fractal Dance Collective
    Dancers: Zino Schat, Robert Villedieu, Constantin Trommlitz, Marieke van Dis

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