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A dance theater performance for the age of 4
  • 4+
  • theater
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‘Tough Luck Brother Peanut Butter!’ That rhymes, more or less. But what does the title mean? Is this about peanut butter? Or about tough luck? Or perhaps both?
‘Quiet on the set! The camera is rolling… and.. …ACTION!’
What is that man there waving about? Oh yeah he’s calling for… APPLAUSE!

‘And now we switch to the other side of the world…Hello Josette, can you hear me? Oh brother peanut butter, what a bad connection. We’ll have to try it again later. In a moment, right after this… commercial break.’

In ‘Tough Luck Brother Peanut Butter!’ we find ourselves in a television studio, where we travel around the world with Josette La Cacahuette on her adventures, as she goes in search of the world’s most exceptional peanuts. A surprising and exciting trip. So don’t forget to bring your passport!

‘Tough Luck Brother Peanut Butter!’ is joyous performance about going after your dreams and trying to make them all come true. Not there yet? Oh brother! Justy take a deep breath and try, try again.

For nearly 20 years now MEEKERS has been producing imaginative, contemporary, colorful dance-theater, with a teasing sense of humor for which no one is ever too old.

  • Credits

  • Choreography: Jaakko Toivonen
    Cast: Rick de Boer, Mayke Brunenberg, Niki Dimdiri, Andreas La Monica
    Music choice and remix : Jaakko Toivonen
    Set design : David van der Wees
    Costumes: Dorine van IJsseldijk 
    Light and technique
    : Pink Steenvoorden (Einstein Design)
    Dramaturgical advice: Derske Naafs
    Artistic direction : Arthur Rosenfeld

Première 17 okt 2012

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