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Jabbertalkopera about four birds and one nest
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  • Muziektheater
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Some birds build a nest and choose to stay in it forever. Others are restless and fly back and forth. In summer they are here, in winter they stay there. There are ne’er-do-wells, wanderers, worriers, fortune-seekers and wildlings.

But what happens when birds of different feathers flock together? Do they communicate? Do they understand each other? Do they think the other one is an odd bird, and push it out of their nest? Or, do they share their dreams and make room for each other?

Gree              Goedeli…!
Grau              Good goo…!
Gree              Bon bon…!
Grau              Mornay!

Jabberbabble is a show about four birds and one nest. Nobody understands their jibber jabber lingo. But what if we don’t speak the same language, but still manage to understand each other? Maybe, before long, we won’t be strangers anymore.

Jabberbabble is a family show for all ages. The show is entirely sung, as it should be with birds.

Duration: 60 minutes

Based in Theater Het Badhuis in Nijmegen, Theatergroep Kwatta has been Gelderland´s professional youth theatre company since 2002. Kwatta encourages its young viewers to discover their own greatness and stirs adults to rediscover the small things in themselves.

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  • “In my twelve years as a reviewer I seldom saw a performance more relevant to this target group.” Leeuwarder Courtant ★★★★★.

    “All equal in brilliant, nonsensical youth opera” Theaterkrant.

  • By: Kwatta Jeugdtheater
    Josee Hussaarts
     Jibbe Willems
    Rogier Bosman
    Cast: Sarah Bannier, Rogier van Erkel, Lucas Schilperoort, Jochem Smit
    Piano: Edzo Bos
    Scenery, costumes: Barbara Kroon
    Lighting design: Paul van Laak
    Technical director: Thijs Kempers

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