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A lively mix of theatre and dance for the whole family
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A mistress. Everyone’s had one. She teaches daily, writes things on the blackboard, gives punishments and patiently checks your work. But what does she do when she leaves the classroom? Is the miss teacher still a teacher then? And where does she go? Does she have a house or does she sleep on a judo mattress in the gym? Is your miss teacher a human being like you, and what does she do when she stops being a mistress? What’s the secret life of that familiar figure who stands in front of you caringly every day?

Maybe there’s a clearing somewhere in the forest where all the mistresses of the world come together, where they can be human beings again. They take off their glasses, throw all the homework in the bushes and build an enormous campfire for roasting marshmallows. They tell each other exciting stories, kiss princes and listen to pop music. Maybe your mistress is from another planet who flies around the universe on her own in her free time. Or she turns out to be a famous ballerina who secretly wears a tutu underneath her suit. The Mistress Ballet is about the secret life of the teacher and at the same time it’s an ode to the mistress.

René Geerlings about The Mistress Ballet
“When you are six years old, the world revolves mainly around you. You don’t really wonder about other peoples’ lives, especially not when they’re adults. The Mistress Ballet offers an imaginative insight into the world behind the schoolboard. We put the mistress on a pedestal and make her of mythical proportions. Because growing and wising up is a delicate matter. And mistresses around the world bear a great responsibility. With this performance, we want to celebrate fantasy, but also support the significance of good education. And I promise you, after this performance, you will never look at your mistress the same way ever again.”

Moniek Merkx about The Mistress Ballet
“I was so inspired by the first interviews with some mistresses that I came up with a ton of adventurous scenes right away: rascals in the classroom, a mistress that is captured or has to marry someone even though she doesn’t want to. In my eyes, the mistress is a real hero. She has to fight against bizarre rules, an infinite amount of obligations and dragon like parents. It feels great to convert real educational concerns into absurd and exaggerated situations.”