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High climbs, wild rolls, and virtuoso falls.

Jasper van Luijk creates an acrobatic dance duet based on the first chapter from Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. The young protagonist wants to leave home. He is encouraged by the conversations with his invisible friend Crow and his wise words. Full of expectation, curiosity and optimism, he sets forth into the wide world.

In 2015, choreographer Jasper van Luijk created a version of Crow for adults on Oerol. The press: A moving dance duet (…) The tender play is touching (CLEEFT). The dancers almost appear to have wings at some points (Theaterkrant).
He has now created a version for the whole family, in which he wraps around the desire to fly in energetic dance.

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  • “Both dancers exhibit a feral tautness in the body, and it all looks effortless even when she carries him, or as he steps over her shoulder to reach up to the tree (…) beautifully executed with imperceptible transitions of the shift in who bears whose weight. (…) Van Luijk delivered a duet arresting in its genuinely felt interaction between its two protagonists, whose total involvement with each other and with their organically developed movement was truly poetic.” Ali Mahbouba, Dance Europe

  • Choreography: Jasper van Luijk
    Dancers: Yeli Beurskens, Jefta Tanate
    Composition: Lennart Siebers
    Costume design Natasja Lansen
    Set design:  Andrea Spoor
    Light design: Jasper van Luijk,  Andrea Spoor

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