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A wild, poetic, and moving adventure
  • 8-108 JR
  • theater
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‘No, you’re not very bright, Lamplet. When you need to remember something, you forget, and when you need to forget something, it gets stuck in your head. Lie down, wind. Down!” But the wind is not a dog. It becomes a storm and that’s when everything goes wrong.

Moniek Merkx creates an adaption of Lampje (Lamplet), the succesfull children’s book by Annet Schaap. The book has received awards, euphoric reviews and after only fourteen months, it is now in its eleventh edition. And with good reason. It’s an impressive story about Lamplet, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper, gets caught up in a stormy adventure. All alone and lost, she meets mysterious sea creatures, sad carnies, and fierce pirates. And she constantly outdoes herself in being brave, determined and loving.

Lamplet is an expressive performance with wild drinking music, sad desire songs, and a poetic view of the ocean. It will be performed at Maas with Christmas, and in the spring of 2020, it will go on tour.

Moniek Merkx on Lamplet
‘I haven’t read such a touching children’s book since my childhood, when I read Tonke Dragt. This story is stunningly timeless and full of surprising twists, that all I can think about now is: how are we ever going to do this story justice on stage? But that is exactly why I am so excited we got the rights.’