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Three surprising, short performances for the entire family

Everything is to be expected from Wild Game, the trendsetters of the future. New talent that makes energetic and humorous virtuoso dance theatre. Maas creates six short plays of 30 minutes each; collect them all.

PlayStation / Art Srisayam / DANCE / 8+
Explosive theatrical dance mix.

Gaming is like dreaming: facing your fears without any risks and letting your emotions go. But it remains an escape from reality. If only real-life would give you as many chances as a computer game does. One wrong move in the real world and it’s game over. PlayStation is an explosive theatrical dance mix.

Warp / Jef Van gestel (Tuning People) / THEATER / 8+
An absurdist, highly imaginative performance with masks of cardboard and tape, snow and blood.

Two people are having a strange speed date in which they continuously adopt different forms. Comfort, love and a terrible accident find their poetry in a weird way of thinking.

Jef van Gestel (Tuning People) previously created the performances Belle and The Broomstick Forest for Theatergroep Max. For Maas, he creates a funny and clumsy mime-act with masks.

Fly! / Rosa van Leeuwen, Jurriën Remkes / THEATER / 8+
We are ready for something big.

We are lifted from our feet, we are taking off. Into the sky. That’s where we belong, where we can go wherever we want. We don’t know which way to go yet. But that doesn’t matter, as long as you just go! If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Someday we will drop down to earth again, but that day is still far away. We don’t think about that right now.

Mime actors Rosa van Leeuwen and Jurriën Remkes (both performing in Alice in Wonderland, among others) bid against each other in order to show as many ways of flying as possible. They go at it with lots of childlike imagination and brag skills. And believe it or not: they are genuinely flying.

Maas produces new short pieces by Jasper van Luijk, Jef Van gestel, Jurriën Remkes/Rosa van Leeuwen, Guilherme Miotto, Nastaran Razawi Khorasani and Elias de Bruyne. For more information about all the shorts plays click here.

  • Credits

  • Practical Information

  • Playstation
    Choreography: Art Srisayam
    Dancers: Lynn Meijer, Art Srisayam

    Direction, concept, masks: Jef Van gestel (Tuning People)
    Choreography: Art Srisayam
    Performers: Art Srisayam, Gale Rama

    Direction, concept, play: Rosa van Leeuwen, Jurriën Remkes
    With regards to: Elias de Bruyne, Rutger Remkes

    Coaching triple bill: Dorien Folkers, Sara Giampaolo, Moniek Merkx, Jolanda Spoel

    Technique: Andrea Spoor, Marcel van Hassel, Peter Raaijmakers, Dennis Stolzenberg (stage)
    Photo: -SYB-
    Pictures: Phile Deprez
    Video: Huub Laurens

  • Touring period: on request
    Age: 8 years and up 
    Duration: 30 minutes a piece
    Performance area: some outside, some inside ?? m x ?? m / height ?? m
    Bookings: Dana Kibbelaar:

5 reacties op Loslopend wild

  1. ik vond persoonlijk playstation het leuk want ik vond kronkel een beetje apart en vlieg vond ik gewoon grappig maar playstation was leuker geweest als ze gingen praten

  2. Ik vond de voorstellingen super leuk. En mijn persoonlijke favoriet was: playstation met het gevecht tussen de twee acteurs. en de VR-bril.

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  • Loslopend wild Maaspodium Rotterdam
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  • Loslopend wild Maaspodium Rotterdam
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