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Conversation between man and wall
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A movement piece by Floor van Leeuwen

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Sixteen performers spend two hours moving towards the back wall of a theatre. With a light step, but also with determination. Some are young, others quite a bit older. Others still, somewhere in between. Each performer runs, steps and jumps at his or her own pace, but above all in unison with the others. In a collective rhythm, as a single billowing body. Along the way, a polyphonic conversation between man and wall unspools. We, the audience, see the wall and the backs of the performers. We hear the rhythm of their feet. We feel the energy of the group. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm, but always with the same sense of determination.

Introduction Muur
Prior to the performance Muur, creator Floor van Leeuwen will give a short introduction of about 15 minutes, as an exercise of looking. This interactive introduction consists of a number of easy watching- and listening exercises that give you another perspective to experience this work. The introduction starts at 20:00h. Attention! There’s a limited amount of spots, so don’t forget to book your free ticket.
> If you are just going to Muur, you can book your ticket for the introduction with your performance ticket.
> If you got the combi ticket for Engel and Muur, send an email to to claim your introduction spot.

Floor van Leeuwen creates and performs with theatre collective Schwalbe, part of Theater Rotterdam and winner in 2014 of the BNG Nieuwe Makersprijs (New Makers’ Award) for their production ‘Schwalbe zoekt Massa’. Floor also performs in Lotte van den Berg and Boogaerdt & van der Schoot’s ‘Third Space’, she directed ‘Rare Birds’ by Un Loup pour l’Homme and has previously worked with theatre-makers including Tim Etchells and Lucas de Man. Collaboration with Bauke Lievens in the framework of the artistic research project The Circus Dialogues, financed by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent (BE).

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  • “Muur heeft dezelfde hypnotiserende kracht die minimal music kan hebben maar voegt daar een fysiek element aan toe. En ondanks alle individuele verschillen keken we naar één pulserend lichaam, dat met het lichtvoetig bewegen op de dansvloer zijn eigen muziek voortbracht.” – Theaterkrant ★★★

  • By: TENT Circustheater productiesVeem House for Performance
     Floor van Leeuwen
    Performers: Marie Groothof, Koen van der Heijden, Hendrik van Maele, Petra Steindl, Josse De Broeck, Felix Zech, Hali Neto, Elliot Dehaspe, Maria Madeira, Petra Roelfzema, Silbe Mijnlieff, Jasmijn Obispo, Levi de Kleer, Petra Eikelenboom en Erwin Boschmans
    Light design: Pablo Fontdevila
    Dramaturgical help: 
    Oscar van der Kruis, Bauke Lievens
    Assistent director: Louis Janssens
    Lotte Sterringa
    Graphic design: Hanneke Meijers
    Paulien Oltheten

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