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Everything under control?
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Every day at 5:00 p.m. on the dot, he cycles to work with a full thermos, two sandwiches and the daily newspaper. He settles in behind his panel of security monitors and gets to work, checking that everything is in order: no unsavory characters wandering the halls; doors all closed tight. When it appears that one stubborn door refuses to remain closed, he simply can’t contain his curiosity. In he goe

The Night Watchman is object theatre for the whole family full of unexpected twists in which everything that can go wrong does – well, almost everything. With no dialogue and an evocative soundtrack, there is all the more to see and hear. Live on stage and on large video screens, actor Noël van Santen wrestles with the world he’s gotten himself into. But how can you do that when the dimensions are all out of whack and the world you know is suddenly completely transformed?

Duration: 60 minutes

Het Filiaal theatermakers is a large and professional theatre company for families and elementary schoolchildren based in the Dutch city of Utrecht. In their work they bring together professional actors, musicians and visual artists. The dynamism, precision and sense of humor with which text, music, acting and visuals are integrated, has come to be the trademark of the company.


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Want to hang around a bit more? A beautiful plate of fresh goods awaits you after the performance. What’s the best fruit of the season? What do roasted chestnuts taste like? Is this bread freshly baked here? Eat and discover together. Book your dish along with your ticket! Small (2 ppl) €7,50, Medium (4 ppl) €13,00, Large (6 ppl) €19,00.

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  • “(…) this performance is thrilling, but not by really being that, but simply by suggestion, being extraordinarily funny without looking for a laugh, filled with action ánd tremendously static. The Night Watchman shows this daily grind of adults, mixes this with their daydreams, and appeals to the children’s fantasy. All without words. You would almost go silent from it all.” Theaterkrant ★★★★.

  • By: Het Filiaal Theatermakers
    Concept, director:
    Ramses Graus
    Acting: Noël van Santen
    Composition: Gábor Tarján
    Video: Bart Verhoeven

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  1. Tot op de laatste seconde magisch! Noël van Santen speelt dit zo fantastisch. Mijn man verstaat geen Nederlands en dit was perfect om samen van te genieten. Ik raad het aan voor iedereen, jong of oud – ontzettend mooi gedaan. Dit was ook onze allereerste theater bezoek en nu zijn we op slag verliefd geworden op theater, dank je wel Het Filiaal theatermakers en Noël!

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