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Lost, faded, forgotten
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Memories are frozen moments in time, movements between present and past. Nadia is a solo that lets a story begin again, showing that what seemed lost in time can move us. The story finds itself back and continues. What seemed lost, dances, recoils, turns around. As the body reconstructs the story, returns to the beginning, to what was to show that nothing is definitively lost.

Amira al Rawi is a young dancer growing into a remarkable choreographer who has her own story to tell. From a young age her goal was to become a dancer and in that endeavor she has overcome many obstacles. Amira’s style is based on urban dance with influences from vogueing and waacking. Her performances come from a personal perspective, inspired by what she sees around her. Amira made her first theaterpiece Bouie in 2017. This performance was about being stuck in a system and opposing social restrictions. Nadia is Amira’s first solo performance. Based on her personal life story, she wants to take her audience on a journey full of struggle but also victory.

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