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Harmonizing noise in dance & live painting
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Fractal Collective collaborates with Japanese artist Daijiro Hama in And the Rest is Noise to research how  noise can be perceived: somewhere between silence and buzz, between focus and distraction, between loyalty and letting go.

In a versatile theatre piece, noise – usually understood as an unpleasant sound – is put into a broader perspective. In life we are surrounded by noise. A city that overwhelms, a phone that rings, a force that misleads…

Noise can distract us and get in the way of what is really important. How can we find our true essence in the middle of all this noise? How can we transform it into harmony?

And the Rest is Noise starts with a blank page. In an innovative soundscape and live painting, Fractal discovers the pure connection between sound, movement and monochrome visuals. Within this sphere they look for the purest connection between them. The rest becomes noise.

Fractal Collective is a group of self-educated creatives who developed themselves within theatre and the breakdance battle scene. Their lifestyle on the street is what brought them close. Realising that breakdance is more than entertainment, they started to research and deconstruct this art form to its fundament.

Their work brought them to nationally renown theatre companies, doing shows all through the Netherlands. They learned to recognise their theatrical abilities and found ways to use breakdancing for intimate storytelling

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