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A rat race of humans and ghosts
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Ghosts just want to be left in peace. Beneath a sheet, together they revel in their sleepy existence. Until a human, called Bogeyman, puts an end to their eternal rest and boisterous shakes the world from its lethargy. Something for ghosts to be afraid of.

Living with ghosts is a joint collaboration between de Stilte and international prize winning musician Martin Fondse. He has been awarded several international prizes, ranging from orchestral work to film music. The three live singers are Anna Serierse, Marit van der Lei and Emmy Award winner Sanne Rambags.

Duration: 45 minutes

De Stilte is a professional dance company in the Southern region of the Netherlands, that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. They perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and for schools. De Stilte wants to take as many children as possible out of the everyday world into the abstract world of the senses. Encourage children to tell their own story.

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  • Credits

  • By: De Stilte
     Wika Czakon, Viviane Fabiano, Gleen Orlando Mardenborough, Gianmarco Stefanelli
    Singers: Marit van der Lei, Sanne Rambags, Anna Serierse
    Keys: Martin Fondse
    Choreography, scenery: Jack Timmermans
    Composition: Martin Fondse
    Costums: Czakon
    Lightdesign: Einstein Design

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