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What is hidden behind the lock?
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Everything opens and closes. Opens and closes. Opens and closes. We want to open everything, look in it and behind it. What secrets are hidden there? But sometimes, you find something that doesn’t open anymore. A door that is locked, a surprise you can’t access. Or even your own mouth staying shut. How do you get it to open again? What is hiding behind those closed little doors?

Duration: 30 minuten

Director Zarah Bracht about her first performance for toddlers:
“It is liberating to create something for toddlers. No toddler will ever say: ‘oh, that is art so it is complicated’, like so many adults do. The kids don’t mind looking at an abstract performance, because they react so intuitively. Toddlers have a lot of curiousity and they can truly be fascinated by seeing something move and change. I want to stimulate that imaginagtion and, like René Geerlings always says, find my ‘inner child’ as a director.”

Zarah Bracht graduated as a theater director in Amsterdam in 2016. Before that, she already worked for large city theaters in Germany such as Deutsches Theater Berlin. Zarah works with Productiehuis Rotterdam, where she made Wholesale Destruction (2019) en Being wrong and how to admit it (2020) and more. Now, she is getting to know theater for kids. After her role as the final director with Detective Le Schmou (6+) at Festival Tweetakt and Schuim (2+) at Twee Turven Hoog, she created her first full performance for kids with Maas. Zarah’s work is often very physical, with very little spoken language.

  • Credits

  • By: Zarah Bracht
    Zarah Bracht
    Actors: Mher Brutyan, Tim van Dongen
    Music: Tim van Dongen
    Advice scenography: Calle de Hoog
    Artistic coaching: René Geerlings

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