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Who is chasing whom?
  • 3+
  • fysiek theater
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GET’M is an exciting pursuit with the latest camouflage techniques and classical misunderstandings on a 5 by 5 stage floor. Who is chasing whom? Will they eventually catch the right person? Isn’t the journey even more fun than the ultimate goal?

Three seemingly ‘adult’ TV-hosts fight for attention in a broadcasting studio. They all want the microphone. But where two are fighting, a third one wins: all the more reason for a race with an unexpected finish.

The imaginative decor offers many possibilities for the characters to hide, dive, pop-up and allows a high level of puppetry. A show inspired by Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy, Road Runner and Bugs Bunny for the youngest audience and everyone who still likes to play hide and seek.

GET’M is the successor of iPet, the immensely successful performance that for the last three years kept children from all over the world on the edge of their seats. Once again with co-creator and composer Wim Conradi and actor Dionisio Matias.

Duration: 35 minutes + 10 minutes additional program

BonteHond makes bold, accessible theatre for a young audience and an audience that still feels young. They do this, because they feel that it is important for children to maintain an open and opinionated view of the world in addition to all rules and agreements. How awesome would it be if we all regarded each other and the world around us with curiosity? We would be less afraid of everything that’s different or strange.


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  • “with actors that are perfectly tuned in with each other and a crashcourse ‘Russion television’ for dummies” Volkskrant ★★★★.

    “They make it seem so easy, but just like with iPet, the last toddlerproduction by director René Geerlings and Wim Conradi, the timing of the actors (Milan Boele van Hensbroek, Dionisio Matias en Linda Zijl) is perfect and they involve the kids in their crazy race for the mic whenever they can.” Theaterkrant.

    Director René Geerlings knows how to fascinate the little ones (and not only them).” “The flawless playbacking of the tv broadcasts makes your chin drop.” Parool.

    “It is magnificent how the kids in the audience react to the play.” ilovetheater.

  • By: BonteHond
     René Geerlings
    Second director, soundtrack: Wim Conradi
    Acting: Milan Boele van Hensbroek, Dionisio Matias, Linda Zijl
    Assistant director: Annelies Appelhof
    Decor: Tom de Meer, René Geerlings
    Costumes: Judith de Zwart
    Dramaturgy: Judith Faas
    Photography: Kamerich&Budwilowitz, EYES2

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  1. Voor iedereen boven de drie jaar. Maar je kunt er ook gewoon heen als volwassene, want het is een subliem stuk, heel grappig en slim.

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