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The fairytale you thought you knew
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Did you know you can fly? Just believe in it. And you can meet indians, fight pirates and swim with mermaids, piece of cake. Or you quit growing. Like Peter Pan. Just in time he makes up that getting older is a hustle and he decides to stay 12 years old. For what’s the fun of life when you can’t play anymore or be disobedient. When you may not fly and dream anymore… Peter Pan Was Here is a joyful adventure for the whole family with lots of pirate songs and live Music. Moniek Merkx wrote a new text, inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.



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  • Script, direction:  Moniek Merkx
    Performance: René Geerlings, Marijn Klaver, Roosmarijn Luyten, Rogier Schippers, Daniëlle van de Ven, David Verschoor en Vincent van Woerkom
    (Live) music:  Joop van Brakel, Peter Sijbenga
    Set Design: Sanne Danz
    Costumes: Marike Kamphuis
    Light: Gé Wegman
    Video: JKTV Producties
    Photography: Phile Deprez

  • “Poetic, a little self-conceited, naughty and moving. (…) Ninety minutes of pure pleasure.”
    Noordhollands Dagblad

    “The slightly sardonic songs by Joop van Brakel en Peter Sijbenga are performed live on stage. They give this performance, which literally flies you to the moon and back, extra wings.”

    “This is a performance you’ll never ever forgot.”

Reprise première 21 dec 2012

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