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Rite of Spring is a theatrical happening balanced between a performance and a choreography about peer pressure, hormones and the fear of beauty.

The earth is still in deep hibernation as eight young women gather to celebrate spring. They worship nature with their fertility rites. They dance and seduce. But then secrets and primal forces break loose. A sacrifice must be made.

Rite of Spring is about peer pressure, hormones and the fear of beauty. A modern coming of age story mixed with prehistoric pagan spring rituals. The threat of natural forces, the struggle with oneself and the desire to break free turn these young women into charming monsters. Close to the heart theater, figuratively and literally, because the audience sits around the performance area.

Composer Joop van Brakel’s captivating soundtrack is built of earthshaking pop music.

Director Moniek Merkx about Rite of Spring
“The strengths and secrets of girls are more difficult to appoint explicitly than those of boys. Therefore with the girls, I choose to focus more on the subcutaneous, mythical tensions, on threat and indescribable codes.”

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  • “(…) ‘Rite of Spring’ was the most intense stage production I have seen in quite a while. (…) The stage set was a kind of fusion of catwalk and a circus arena oval and seating was along the longer sides of the oval very close to the performance space, which added greatly to the intensity to the performance. (…) The acting of all eight performers was incredible. All roles portrait were most believable. The change in stance, behaviour and movement between roles was outstanding.”
    Klaus Warschkow, #klausdoesnotdance

    “A theatrical happening balanced between a performance, choreography and theatrical collage. (…) Rite of Spring uses very few words and therein lies its power.”
    Parool (****)

    “Strong cast. (…) all of whom know how to be convincing. (…) The final scene works masterfully.”
    Theaterkrant (****)

    “Rite of Spring is a performance full of humor, with ironic references to everyday life and a good dose of casual interaction between audience and performers. A must-see this spring! (…) Physical theater of high quality.”
    Dance Magazine

    “What a performance. The powerful choreography and music support the very fine acting of the eight young actors annex dancers. (…) Interaction guaranteed with this emotional pinball machine.”

  • Concept, direction: Moniek Merkx
    Performers: Marieke Dermul, Segametsi GaobepeJouman Fattal, Kirsty Ndawo, Zinhle Nhle Nzama, Gale RamaLotte RischenShelby Tanelle Strange
    Music: Joop van Brakel
    Choreography: Klaus Jürgens, Art Srisayam
    Set design: Sanne Danz
    Costume design: Nicky Nina de Jong
    Light design: Gé Wegman
    Thanks to: Flatfoot Dance Company (Durban, Zuid-Afrika), Roel Twijnstra (Twist Projects)

  • Touring period: From January 2015
    Age: 13 years and up
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Performance area: 10 m x 16 m / height 4,5 m / special tribune setup, the audience sits around the performance area
    Bookings: Dana Kibbelaar:

1 reactie op Rite of Spring

  1. We zijn donderdag naar de voorstelling op Oerol geweest. Ondanks de korte heftige regenbui was het genieten geblazen. Fantastische dansen en acteertalent en mooi de turbulente periode in het leven van jonge vrouwen uitgebeeld. Heel herkenbaar met een dochter in dezelfde leeftijd.
    Af en toe en traan weggepinkt.

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