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Lonesome showboys finally in their own skin
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Life is a bumpy road, you know. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just tough. Doubt and difficulties lurk around every corner. You’re feeling like a lonesome cowboy. But look next to you. There’s your friend, looking over that same desert of choices. Be brave, step off the beaten track, count down, switch on the floodlight and trust yourself. You know where that will lead, but who cares. The show must go on.

Four city boys, strong, tough and charming. Watch them produce a mind-blowing, spectacular, fantastic show, only to let it all collapse ruthlessly right after. Their slick sneakers can no longer carry their inflated self-image. Who am I? What is my style? All of a sudden they are overwhelmed by FOMO (fear of missing out), a fear of emptiness and a fear for girls. And just like that, nothing really seems to matter anymore.

It’s when they’re off-stage that these four youngsters let the audience see what is really bothering them. In a light-hearted manner, they give us a peek at their true feelings and doubts, which involves squabbling, slapstick, a tender song, cuddling and fighting choreographies.

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