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Three hunters on their way through the forest
  • 2+
  • muziek
  • poppentheater
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Three hunters are on their way through the forest. Through the rustling leaves, they spot a bird with the most beautifully colored feathers they have ever seen. The two largest hunters come up with a genius plan to capture the bird. First they sneak up on it, slow and steady. That is until the smallest hunter lets out a loud “Hello!” while frantically waving at the bird. The two large quickly say “Sssh!” but the bird is already gone. As they continue through the forest, more obstacles start blocking their path. This bird does not want to be captured by the hunters. It appears the hunters are getting desperate. Until the smallest hunter comes up with a new plan!

SSSH! is a musical play that likes to present a challenge. Kids and parents will be adopted into a scenery of nature. The performers will take you along for the ride through physical theatre, puppetry and peekaboo-effects. Your fantasy will be stimulated.

A play in which children and animals will regularly outsmart the parents. It encompasses a surprising view on the world.

Duration: 30 minutes + 10 additional program


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  • Credits

  • By: Studio Figur, ROSE stories 
    Directors, concept
    : Noufri Bachdim, Pluck Venema
    Music: Cengiz Arslanpay, Sebastiaan Bax
    Puppets: Pluck Venema
    Artistic coaching: René Geerlings
    Photography: Noufri Bachdim

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