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An interactive performance in search for silence
  • 6+
  • theater
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Sssht, may we have your attention for… Silence!

Hey? Hello? HELLO?

Where did ‘he’ go? Everywhere around us there are noises and sounds, silence seems to be threatened with extinction. Can it be that we are afraid of the silence? We have to go find it, now!

When the performers enter the room in search of the silence, the children help them to find it. They play with the concept and seduce the young audience to experience the beauty of silence. Silence appears to be a figure that hides itself in fear and that is hard to capture.

Silence is an interactive performance in which the children look at, philosophize about and experience what silence is. After the performance, an active program follows, in which the children and the performers start working on yoga and mindfulness techniques to mentally and physically experience silence.

  • Credits

  • Concept, performance: Paul van der Laan, Daniëlle van de Ven
    Advice: Dorien Folkers, Moniek Merkx

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