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Hiphop theater for preschoolers
  • 2.5+
  • fysiek theater
  • hiphop
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Can you be afraid of something you don’t know? Why do you fear the unknown, if you don’t even know what it is? Did somebody tell you to be afraid of it? Perhaps your parents, your friends or your sister? And how come the fear dies down as soon as you get to know the unknown? If you never get to experience the unknown, how do you learn new things?

SUPERSLOW prepares children and their parents for a fierce hip-hop dance performance. The way too ballsy dance performance is broken down into recognisable pieces of sound, light, movements and colour. It is a tribute to sensory stimuli and an ode to the unknown.

SUPERSLOW is a physical performance with theatrical hip-hop. It is not just dance, not just theatre, not just music, but it is everything in between. A performance that shows parents that their toddlers are bolder and more courageous than they ever expected.

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