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A search for liberties and addiction of the beat
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Symphony of Now is a dance performance about the Dutch and Ugandan technomusic scene and the power of techno. Where the dancefloor becomes the place where people experience unity and express themselves. The monotone beats of techno sends the crowd and dancers in a hypnotic state of trance. The choreographers show the transcendent powers that dancing to techno releases and make the connection between dance and spiritual experiences.

Duration: +/- 30 minutes.

Afrovibes Festival
Afrovibes festival brings for the sixteenth edition (and sixth time in the Maaspodium) young pioneers and established talent in theater, dance, music and design from Africa to the Netherlands. Afrovibes shows the dynamic cultural life of urban Africa and connects this with Dutch artists and the public. The festival is from 3 to 13 October in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Saturday 12 October and Sunday 13 October the festival is in the Maaspodium.

Speak Truth to Power
This year’s festival theme is Speak Truth to Power. Our current world has an abundance of information. With the growth of unfiltered (online) information sources, the question arises as to which information is true and which is not. Has the concept of truth become an illusion in a world where “fake news” and manipulated facts drown out reality and reinforce existing stereotypes?

Yuropa (2:00 pm) and Venus vs Modernity (3:30 pm) > click here
Yuropa (2:00 pm), Venus vs Modernity (3:30 pm) and Symphony of Now (5:00 pm) > click here

  • Credits

  • By: Batalo East, DOX
    Tom de Wee en Faizal Ddamba
    Dance, choreography Batalo East: Abdul Kinyenya, Lilian Nabaggala Maxmillian, (tevens dj) Faizal Ddamba
    Dans, choreography DOX: Melvin Fraenk, Çağdas Gülum, Anne Suurendonk, (tevens dj) Tom de Wee

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  • Symphony of Now

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