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Overcoming a risk never looked this good
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Dare to face your fears

“The fear of failure prevent us from trying.
The fear of the unknown prevent us from initiating adventures. The fear of being judged prevent us from demonstrating what we believe is important.
The fear of losing what we own pushes us to over protect things.”

All kind of fears make us docile and consuming. We believe that facing them is a way to regain a freedom taken from a pressurising society that promote fear.
We play with the border of failure and with the threat of the fall. By trusting each other we manage to push our limits further and we overcome the fear. As a group we work together and support each other. We use the collectiveness to work with human rigged structures that reach up to 7 meters. The overcoming of the risk is the central element of our show. Playing with smartphones, partnering with a plant, juggling with pee, being blind folded in the trapeze are examples of the challenges we undertake.

With “Tension Trail” we use circus to experiment on our sense of bravery and we will propose you to challenge yours. Through an ecologically aware show; Through a process actively promoting collectiveness; Through a performance actively promoting peace, love and penguins.


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