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The surrealistic travels of two carpenters
  • 2+
  • fysiek theater
  • muziek
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Two carpenters. They build a lot. They rebuild all the time. Their world is never finished, it can always be better, more beautiful, different. But Tim cannot stop working and Willie wants to protect the china. Then the fatigue kicks in. Dreams and reality are increasingly intertwined in the wondrous world of Timtim.

Timtim is a visual performance with humor, carpentry energy and a pinch of magic. About two passionate craftsmen, their friendship and their adaptability.

Duration: 40 minutes

Simone de Jong Company originated from mime and music theater and creates work based around music, movement and imagination. Every performance by the company appeals to multiple senses of the young audience. Previous work includes Hermit, Little Whale and Island. Coming in 2020 is ‘Fluisterstad’. Artistic director Simone de Jong is also the author of Het geheim van meneer Hartjes, a novel for children.


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  • Credits

  • By: Simone de Jong
    Simone de Jong
    Performers: Toon Kuijpers, Niels Kuiters
    Music: Niels Kuiters
    Decor: Erik Begemann
    Costumes: Elian Smits
    Photography: ©Kamerich, Budwilowitz/EYES2

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  • Timtim Geannuleerd

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