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Who influences you on your journey?
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How do you process important life events? In Together we see four dancers who portray the everyday life of a woman and the choices of life that come her way. Who influences you on your journey? What role does your living environment play? As a choreographer for Together, Donna dives deeper into the motives of the human and wants to tell a story that touches our daily reality.

Choreographer Donna Chittick is one of the new makers who is supported by the Performing Arts Fund. Most people will know her from the the Hip Hop dance company BackBone from choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors. Donna has been an important core dancer in this dance company for years. Before Donna danced with BackBone, she developed her dance language at Solid Ground Movement. Furthermore she has gained experience as a choreographer at both Solid Ground Movement and production house Korzo.

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  • Together - Geannuleerd Geannuleerd
  • Together - Geannuleerd Geannuleerd

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