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Secrets of Horror Twins
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We are twins and we are alike in everything. In the way we look, the way we think, feel and remain silent. We have decided never to talk with others again. Why should we, we are content with each other and with the game that we play. Day after day. The game is: who keeps up the longest, always together. One thing has to be clear for a start: nobody really knows us. You don’t know what is going on inside us. We don’t keep each captivated. We are not dependend of each other. None of us the boss or the leader. So it’s best that you don’t interfere with us. We don’t interfere with you either.

Anne Fé de Boer and Lotte Rischen created this thrilling performance based on The Silent Twins by Marjorie Wallace.

“Two terrifying sisters in white dresses knead four spectators into living puppets” De Standaard.
“The girls are exciting, sometimes changing into horrific monsters who try to strangle each other. They keep you right on the edge of your seat” Cleeft.

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  • The Silent Twins

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