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About the desire for communality

‘An uplifting performance’ (★★★★ Theaterkrant), ‘A trip that will make your head spin’ (★★★★ 8Weekly), ‘An attractive and very lively performance’ (★★★★ Scenes), ★★★★ Volkskrant.

How does collectivity take shape these days, in this era of self-fulfilment and individualism?  Fascinated by the phenomenon of folk dancing, Nastaran Razawi wonders in this dance performance in which way the present generation gives form and substance to the feeling of solidarity. Four performers attempt to discard their own identities in order to get lost in the crowd. Will they be able to abandon themselves?

In Uniform, Nastaran Razawi Khorasani uses typical aspects of folk dancing, such as synchronization, role patterns, and rituals. The everyday routines of the four individuals and folk dancing gradually flow into one another.

In 2015, Nastaran did the solo Play It Back at Oerol. The press: ‘An amazing trip by an acting sensation with an unbridled imagination.’ (Cobra). ‘Khorasani has a great sense of humour and puts engagement into her work’ (Theaterkrant). ‘An ingenious show packed with improvised special effects and slapstick performances.’ (Cleeft).

Nastaran and Maas
Nastaran Razawi Khorasani has been selected for the “Nieuwe Makers” regulation by the Performing Arts Fund, and she has made three new pieces for Maas (for 2017, 2018 and 2019), all of which are distinct physical performance theatre: Uniform, Solo by Nas & Jim and Bye Bye Baby.

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  • “An uplifting performance (…) Khorasani uses dance, costumes, and the brilliant music by Jimi Zoet in a smart way to underline that shared behaviors arise from many different sources and often carry influences of different (sub)cultures. (…) The greatest power of Uniform is how the performance reamins unruly till the end. What may be viewed as an idyllic popular movement by some, may be regarded as a brainless dangerous mass of people by others. Khorasani’s stimulating performance allows both interpretations to exist next to one another” ★★★★ Theaterkrant.

    “Rotterdam-based theater maker Nastaran Razawi Khorasani (…) pinpoints in the wordless Uniform (ode to the follower) our uncertainties regarding individuality verses collectivity.” ★★★★ Volkskrant.

    “Together Milou van Duijnhoven, Jens van Huizen and Art Srisayam, Khorasani makes an attractive and very lively performance which wants to be an ode to the follower. (…) It becomes spectacular when mirrors are driven onto the dance floor. (…) The performers get lost in the crowd they form themselves. A wonderful invention.” ★★★★ Scènes.

    “Uniform is like a daydream, that drifts off and takes you far away. In which afterwards you wonder how you ever got there. (…) a trip that will make your head spin” ★★★★ 8Weekly.

  • Maker: Nastaran Razawi Khorasani
     Nastaran Razawi KhorasaniLaurence RoothooftArt SrisayamTijmen Teunissen
    Musuc: Jimi Zoet
    Costumes: Nicky Nina de Jong
    Light: Marijn de Jong
    Dramaturgy: Tobias Kokkelmans
    Understudy: Dorothea Mende
    Moniek Merkx
    Photography: Noa Verhofstad (campagne image), Nichon Glerum (performance photo’s)
    Video: Thomas Bos (teaser), Huub Laurens (interview)
    In cooperation with: URLAND

  • Touring period: Feb – April 2020
    Age: 12 years and up
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Performance Area: 10 x 10 x 4,5
    Bookings: Rosa Brinks /

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