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Bringing extinct animals back to life
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  • poppentheater
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Mr. Ut is an old man. He practically lives in his small giftshop for useless stuff. From top to bottom, the shop is filled with his collection of peculiar objects. Mr. Ut hoards everything, even the tiniest little thing, that he feels should not be forgotten. For this is a problem; he seems to be losing memories all the time. It’s the fault of Mrs Caterpillar, for sure; she is always sneaking around in the shop and every time she was in, something seems to be missing. It is of the utmost importance that the extinct species Mr Ut is preserving will not get lost. For if they are no longer in the shop, they will gone forever. When Mrs. Caterpillar decides to buy the property – with the giftshop in it – everything has to go. If that happens, where will all the memories of Mr. Ut go?

Lost Creatures is an initiative by Tim Velraeds, one of Duda Paiva Company’s most experienced performers. His fascination and vast knowledge of extinct species is the basis for this production. Come and enter the fantasy world of Lost Creatures: the last Thylacine, Rhino, Malono, the flesheating plant and – of course – the Dodo!

Duda Paiva is an internationally operating theatergroup. Their performances are a crossover of dance and puppets, with which we tell stories that touch, confront, entertain and sometimes disturb the audience. In this performance minimal use is made of text, making Lost Creatures very suitable for an international audience and people with a hearing impairment.


Family Picknick
Why not have a family picknick for lunch? We provide you with a blanket and a basket filled with goods, where you sit down is up to you. Book your picknick along with your ticket! Adults €7,50, kids €5,00.

  • Credits

    Duda Paiva
    Tim Velraeds, Duda Paiva
    Performance: Tim Velraeds, Cat Smits
    Puppets: Duda Paiva, Andre Mello
    Soundscape: Wilko Alkema
    Scenery: Tim Velraeds, Daniel Patijn
    Light: Mark Verhoef
    Dramaturg: Kim Kooiman
    Photo: Studio Matusiak

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