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A story about finding and being found
  • 7+
  • objecttheater
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Somewhere in the city lives a man with his cat. The man collects old, discarded things that no longer have a home. He restores them and gives them each their own spot. Until one day, the man doesn’t return and the found things seem once again, lost.

City of Lost Things is about how you see the world, and about noticing things that most people simply ignore. Three performers bring puppets and objects to life, just as the man breathes new life into his found things. Object-theatre maker Ramses Graus combines humor and poetry inspired by the Muppets’ Jim Henson.

The Filiaal Theatremakers is the official children’s theatre company of the city of Utrecht. They are thinkers, researchers, builders of visuals and musicians, but, above all, they are makers of theatre! They strive to make each performance touch both young and old in heart and soul. They create a space for imagination so that you see more than just your own reality.

They not only show what they make but how they make it. And this transparency tickles the imagination. Their approach is interdisciplinary: acting, live music and singing, puppets, objects and live video. They perform in theatres and, for very small children, in schools. They travel throughout the Netherlands and internationally, from Groningen to Goes and from Sydney to Shanghai.

  • Credits

  • Concept and direction: Ramses Graus
    Performers: Eileen Graham, Barend van Daal and Syoma Ekhart
    Composition: Gábor Tarján
    Set design en puppets: Lisa Louwers
    Puppets assistent: Pluck Venema

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