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Flutter with us and feel what it's like to fly by yourself!
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  • Muziektheater
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When Big Bird is suddenly gone, Small Bird and Wind try to find him and get him back. Then they realise that they can actually fly by themselves. Flapping their arms, stamping their feet, rustling with the skirt of Wind they almost manage to lift of. Feel the wind in your face on this swirling journey alongside zooming, swaying and futtering in this exciting sensory play.

During Waai, two musical characters meet: Bird, who makes rythmical, percussive sounds (Anna van Nieukerken, piano), and Wind, who makes rustling sounds (Florien Hamer, cello). The contrast between the two musical characters forms the thread of the story: both with their own sound, own pace and own way of playing. At the end the audience is invited on stage to move, dance or play with the theatrical equipment and instruments.

Duration: 45 minutes


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  • Credits

  • Door: SOIL
    Klaus Jürgens
    Performers: Florien Hamer (cello, voice), Anna van Nieukerken (piano, voice)
    Video: Rafael Kozdron
    Costumes: Judith de Zwart
    Photography, video: Bart Majoor
    Waai was made with financial support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, the VSB Fonds.

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