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Two tireless young brothers dance until the alarm goes off
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Two young brothers have to go to bed. They can’t fall asleep. It’s more fun to play on their iPad. But even when the device runs out of power, the brothers continue to play well into the night, ignoring the clock and making up their own games. They fool around, dance, stay up until the early hours, upset their dad and tear the place down. Finally, they fall asleep. Then their alarm goes off.

Clockwise is Remses Rafaela’s first children’s performance at Maas Theater and Dance, where, amongst other things, he can be seen in breakdance performance B-BOY. He mixes his unique dancing idiom of acrobatics, hip-hop and Afro-Caribbean dance with slapstick and shadow play, resulting in an energetic dance performance full of fantasy for toddlers about two tireless young brothers who dance until their alarm goes off. Playing in the night has brought them a lot; the more awake the wiser, although their dad thinks differently about that…

Duration: 45 minutes.

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