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A breath taking circus dream
  • 6+
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WIRWAR is a breathtaking circus theater performance for the whole family. A boundless theatrical journey full of spectacular acrobatics.

In the evening by the glow of the night light they appear: small shadow figures that dance through the night. If you dare, they will take you on an adventure to a world where no one else comes. A world where the rules of gravity do not apply and where the bottom and the top are difficult to differentiate. You will be amazed at what you can do with the shadow figures. You fly through the air, doing somersaults and balance upside down on your hands.

Those shadow figures are strange creatures. They disappear as suddenly as they appear. Some shadow figures are a bit exciting, others are very pleasant. And when you get close to them, you always feel different. Can you make sense of this tangle?

Duration: 60 minutes.
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 Tickets from €9,00. Click here to book.
Coronamaatregelen: For company from your own household, you can book together. If you want to go with others, please book seperately. Covid tests and mouthcaps are not necessary. For everyone age 18 and up, please keep social distancing.


Stick around after the performance. Enjoy the wooden platter full of fresh goodies. What’s the best fruit of the season? Is this bread fresh from the oven? Eat and experience it yourself. Add the Maaspodiumplank to your order, when you book tickets. Klein (2 persons) €7,50 / middel (4 persons) €13 / groot (6 persons) €19.

  • Credits

  • By: WIRWAR producties
    Concept, director:
     Laura van Hal
    Actors: Bastiaens, Britt Timmermans, Mario Kunzi, Tom Mörtl, Jorga Lok
    Dramaturgy: Martine van Ditzhuyzen
    Scenery: Jolanda Lanslots
    Costumes: Regina Rorije
    Composition: Joeri de Graaf, Nineyards Audio
    Light design: Maarten Verheggen
    Magic advice: Woedy Woet
    Coaching: Ingrid Kuijpers

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