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Wild Game (Unchained)
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An acrobatic dance duet, extreme urban dance and a bizarre discovery mission

Prepare yourself for anything in Wild Game (Unchained). Maas is in search of new forms, stories and spectacle, and has created a unique mix of short pieces designed to confuse. New talent, energetic and unrefined, combined with the experience of the Maas team. Sometimes unexpected or inappropriate, but always wild and exciting.

Two Boys / Guilherme Miotto / DANCE / XL
Two boys with hoodies and closed eyes, in the grey light of a computer screen.

In a big, empty room with enormous shadows, you can see an extreme duet between these two breakers. Going above and beyond the regular skills of the dancers, choreographer Guilherme Miotto creates a true fight to the finish for them.

Two Boys is a sequel to Miotto’s Gefallen. The press about Gefallen: To my surprise and my delight these two spastic gentlemen turn out to be a-ma-zing breakdancers (Dancetalks). In his theatrical concept, Miotto makes great use of the urban dance techniques of these two dancers. With this, he qualifies street dance as a theatrical form of art (Dance Europe). A roller coaster of movements. A bizarre mix of tripping and dancing, everyday walks and virtuoso breakdance moves. Supposedly sloppy, rough and uncontrolled, but at the same time constantly focussed (Volkskrant).

For Two Boys, Guilherme works with breaker Joey Schrauwen from Rotterdam who previously danced in Gefallen, and with Shane Boers, member of the Hustle Kidz, one of the most successful breakdance crews.

Crow / Jasper van Luijk / DANCE / XL
High climbs, wild rolls, and virtuoso falls.

Jasper van Luijk creates an acrobatic dance duet based on the first chapter from Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. The young protagonist wants to leave home. He is encouraged by the conversations with his invisible friend Crow and his wise words. Full of expectation, curiosity and optimism, he sets forth into the wide world.

In 2015, choreographer Jasper van Luijk created a version of Crow for adults on Oerol. The press: A moving dance duet (…) The tender play is touching (CLEEFT). The dancers almost appear to have wings at some points (Theaterkrant).
He has now created a version for the whole family, in which he wraps around the desire to fly in energetic dance.

Alaska / Elias De Bruijne /  THEATER / XL
In Alaska, you can see three young performers in a brutal rebellion against everything that has ever been determined for them.

A performance with possibly the longest entrance ever. Three explorers are searching for the last piece of unknown world. But everything is already claimed, possessed by someone and already discovered. There is nothing left fighting for and there is nothing new. Where can they plant their flag? Who is the enemy? What is there left to hope for?

But then all of a sudden, there is an outbreak of scurvy, an orthodox church seizes the power and an island with a hundred dodos is discovered. In a wildly clashing explosive dance, the trio creates their own laws in which everything is new and possible again.

Maas produces new short pieces by Jasper van Luijk, Jef Van gestel, Jurriën Remkes/Rosa van Leeuwen, Guilherme Miotto, Nastaran Razawi Khorasani and Elias de Bruyne. For more information about all the shorts plays click here.

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  • “Miotto shows just how truly expressive break dance can be, employed at the service of a fascinating theatrical concept (…) Van Luijk delivered a duet arresting in its genuinely felt interaction between its two protagonists, whose total involvement with each other and with their organically developed movement was truly poetic.” Ali Mahbouba, Dance Europe

  • Two Boys:
    Choreography: Guilherme Miotto
    Dancers: Shane Boers, Simon Bus
    Music, soundscape: Joel Ryan
    Set design, video: Joey Schrauwen

    Choreography: Jasper van Luijk
    Dancers: Yeli Beurskens, Jefta Tanate
    Composition: Lennart Siebers
    Costume design Natasja Lansen
    Set design:  Andrea Spoor
    Light design: Jasper van Luijk,  Andrea Spoor

    Concept, direction: Elias de Bruyne
    Performers, creators: Elias de Bruyne, Lisa Groothof, Gale Rama

    Coaching triple bill: Dorien Folkers, Moniek Merkx, Jolanda Spoel

  • Touring period: on request
    Age: 16 years and up
    Duration: 30 minutes a piece
    Performance area: some outside, some inside ?? m x ?? m / height ?? m
    Bookings: Dana Kibbelaar:

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