In action for Gaza

Maas supports Gaza and is therefore joining the campaign by the Dutch performing arts (in Dutch only).

Read more about the campaign and how Maas contributes:

"We, companies, theaters, and artists from across the breadth of Dutch performing arts, admire the courage of the theater makers at Theatre Day Productions who, while risking their own lives, continue to work in Palestine. They sit in a circle and let the children and young people speak. Or play when words fail. In this way, they create a space where sorrow, loss, and fear are shared. A place where sometimes laughter is heard, and everyone supports each other. Where children can relax and remember what it is like to be a child. Even if only for a moment... This action focuses on providing immediate aid to enable Palestinian artists to continue their healing work and to continue giving workshops. And if the war stops, our help and solidarity will also be invaluable in the reconstruction.

Since February 19, Dutch performing arts have been initiating efforts to support these artists and inspire their audience to do the same. We organize readings of Palestinian plays, benefit performances, audience actions at shows, and online actions to 'adopt' an artist. Each company chooses its own form with the aim of raising as much money as possible. The money is deposited into the account of Theatre Day Productions in the Netherlands, and we guarantee that every cent goes to the artists in Gaza and thus to the children of Gaza.

The campaign started with artists making working for youth/children, but now artists from the entire performing arts sector are joining. It's necessary! For our colleagues there, but especially for the children of Gaza."

Here's how Maas participates:

  • All donations through the Maas website from now until July will go in full to the campaign. 
  • All proceeds from ticket sales for the Easter and Pentecost weekends will go in full to the campaign. 
  • All proceeds from ticket sales for the two upcoming events of PSR (Palestine Solidarity Rotterdam) at Maaspodium will go in full to the campaign. 

Maas has previously organized actions for Palestine. Read here (Dutch only) what was done. 

Do you want to take action immediately? Click the button below and make a contribution.

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