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Ain't Afraid / 6+

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Ain't Afraid

You can be afraid of anything: the big bad wolf or a ghost under the bed. But it’s a hundred times worse when adults bicker all the time right over your head. Everyone gets in a squabble sometimes, but some people are especially good at it. Virginia and Wolf argue the whole night through, even when the neighbours come to visit. They are so good at it that you just have to laugh really hard at it. And thank goodness, a child finally intervenes. That always works better.

After this performance you’ll never be afraid again, at least not of arguments. The two actors Niek van der Horst and Manon Nieuweboer talk your ears off. And the neighbours are virtuosos at quarreling too, without even uttering a word.

Ain’t Afraid is a river of words that flow from two brilliant actours like a waterfall, combined with the acrobatic movements of two tight-lipped physical players. Moniek Merkx wrote a new tekst and mixes theater with dance and mime, as she has previously successfully done with Nobody’s Boy. Inspired by Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee.

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Text, direction:

Moniek Merkx

Performance, dance:

Marieke Dermul, Ayrton Fraenk, Niek van der Horst, Manon Nieuweboer


Joop van Brakel


Sanne Danz


Nicky Nina de Jong

Light Design:

Gé Wegman

Child role:

Suzi Diemel, Isa Dobrnjac, Coco Doorn, Mare de Groot, Lieke Knol, Floor van der Loo, Jessey Martha, Romee Rutten, Britt Schuurmans, Nadia van de Stadt, Carlijn Varekamp, Bibian Voortallen

Children supervision:

Sara Giampaolo, Lizzy Hennequin

Director's assistant:

Heléne Binder (internship)

Dance advise:

Guilherme Miotto


Noa Verhofstad (campaign image), Phile Deprez (scene image)


Huub Laurens

With gratitude to:

Belle van Brakel

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