A musical, visual search for the true healing of Body, Breath, Spirit and Soul


Music, Theater


Princess Bangura plays Jennely: a young woman born in the ’90s who bears a secret, and will do anything to keep this hidden. Cuz' ain't nobody got time for that, right?

In the musical, visual performance Bloodscent we follow the fever-dream-meets-healing-journey of a young woman who has to confront ‘the predatory beast’ who abused her in order to come to terms with the ‘the prey’ she never wanted to be. Guided by her spiritual ancestors, she opens up to her Santa Yeye and follows the capricious path to real healing: that of Body, Breath, Spirit and Soul.

In his second Frascati production, Gavin-Viano shows how traumatic events from someone’s youth continue to echo through an adult life, and how our contemporary western society fails to adequate address this through its rational approach to this pain, which is seated in both the body and the soul.

Side note info:

  • In English
  • Running time: 100 min
  • N.B.: this show includes use of stroboscopes / lighting effects.
  • Part of Frascati Producties

About Gavin-Viano

Gavin-Viano graduated in directing in the summer of 2020 from Toneelacademie Maastricht institute of performing arts. He was awarded the 2020 DNA Next Stimuleringsprijs award for his graduation show Ach Mijn Wederhelft.

In his productions, he seeks to bring about recognition and insight, and in so doing make theatre in the Netherlands more accessible to those communities who have not until now naturally been given a voice. He does this by telling non-western stories, often adopting an anti-white-male-gaze perspective and consciously going in search of his characters’ intersectionality. In this way, he creates a world where language, movement and music merge to form a whole, and where the mortar between the bricks is made up of humour.

Gavin-Viano has been associated with Frascati Producties since 2021. He came out with his first Frascati production, an elaboration in three parts of Ach Mijn Wederhelft. Bloodscent is his second Frascati production.


Direction & text :


Performance :

Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura, Sharifa Smith, Noël Pinedo, Cèlion Kerk

Dramaturgy :

Aukje Verhoog & Maarten van Hinte

Technical :

Wouter Versteege


Tijmen Bergman

Video art & lightning design :

Wes Broersen

Composition :

Edis Pajazetovic

Scenography :

Arinth Foekema


Bas de Brouwer

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