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See the world through the eyes of a circus artist. In Circunstruction #13, three promising young circus creators show in a preview their very own vision of the possibilities of circus. Immerse yourself in the latest developments and share your feedback on this work-in-progress with the young creators.

Tornado's Eye
In Tornado's Eye by David Eisele, you see a cellist preparing for his greatest concert. Distracted by various objects in his living room, he cannot concentrate. They twist his mind and drive him crazy. Eventually he discovers that he can make them spinning which calms him down. 

Tornado's Eye describes the quiet place at the centre of a tornado. The performance embodies the search for inner clarity amid the turbulence of life.  Presented through a cello and hypnotic object manipulation, this performance invites to a communal meditative experience. 

Trampo Typ Flipper 1000
With Trampo Typ Flipper 1000, Mara Daro and Ole Schöne create a family performance through which they aim to spark resilience in children and adults to tackle everyday problems with creativity. A big trampoline brings big fun, the feeling of freedom, weightlessness and carelessness. But what if it's not? What if this is a lie? This is a story of a serious problem, followed by more serious problems. Two acrobats show young and old how inventive, creative minds and a bit of humour can overcome annoying everyday problems of our society.

Garment Gatherings
Garment Gatherings created by Clara Köpf wants to inspire the public to start thinking about Fast Fashion and the endless mountain of textile waste. Clara wants to prevent the next generation from repeating the same mistakes we are making now. Through acrobatics on the floor, on the Chinese pole and the use of a 1x1x1m cube of discarded clothes, she wants to take the audience into her thoughts on fast fashion industry's environmental and social issues.  A circus performance that seeks to initiate a discussion on textile waste and ends in a clothing swap.

So don't forget to bring a bag of clothes hanging uselessly in your closet!

Duration triple bill: 70-90 minutes.

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This performance is part of the Circusvierdaagse at Maaspodium. Four days of circus theater! Combo tickets are also available to watch multiple performances. More info coming soon!

About Circunstruction

Circunstruction supports talents in creating their first performance. Annually, a number of creators receive a three-week residency, workshops, artistic support, and try-outs as part of a year-long mentorship program.

Circunstruction selects projects that push boundaries, have substantive impact, and make the audience think. During the program, participants develop their own artistic language and a vision for the future. Afterwards, we support the projects with organizational advice (including funding) so they can further develop and progress to Circusstad Festival and the Dutch Circus Showcase.



Circusstad Festival

Tornado's Eye:

David Eisele

Trampo Typ Flipper 1000:

Mara Daro, Ole Schöne

Garment Gatherings:

Clara Köpf

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