A story about the stigma on the 'creolized' body


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Faizah Grootens & KIP Republic




Join Faizah Grootens on a mesmerizing journey through creolization of Curaçao, where Creolization has given birth to a unique culture that blends diverse music and dance genres. As a choreographer with a rich career spanning Mexico, Cuba, the Netherlands, and Curaçao, Faizah effortlessly weaves together various cultural influences on the dance floor, creating performances that embody tenderness, accessibility, and sensitivity.

In 2020-2021, Faizah received the Ontwikkelbudget van Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst for her groundbreaking research project, Corpus Criolla. This fascinating study explores the relationship between the waltz and Afro-Caribbean dance styles of Curaçao. Drawing on her own Creole body language, Faizah has delved deep into the traditions and history of these dance forms to create a contemporary dance language that is deeply rooted in her cultural heritage.

In the remake of Corpus Criolla, Faizah takes on the embodiment and stereotypes that are often associated with these Creolized dance forms. By reflecting on current issues such as identity, stereotyping, tradition, colonialism, and social idealism, Corpus Criolla prompts us to think deeply about the relationship between form and content. With its infinite circular movements, polyrhythmic beats, and a natural flow that a Creole body can bring, this performance is not to be missed.

Corpus Criolla is a performance that explores the relationship between the Curaçao Waltz and Afro-Caribbean dance styles, focusing on embodiment and stereotyping. Faizah used her own Creole body language and delves into the traditions and history of Curaçao dance forms to create a contemporary dance language. The performance raises questions about stereotyping, identity, culture of shame, conventions, colonial influences and the relationship between form and content. 

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Following this performance, we present NOW TALKS in the foyer of Maaspodium, an interactive talk show with guests and experts on topics of NOW. Young program makers from Maaspodium devise and present the evening, and challenge the audience to look at things from a different perspective.

NOW TALKS is free to attend in the Maaspodium or free via live stream on our socials, you do not have to reserve (free) tickets. Come on time for a good spot in the foyer!

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Short break


Corpus Criolla


After talk





Faizah Grootens in collaboration with dansers


Annemieke Mooij, Henry Rodríguez, Jordan Achiano, Justin Brown & Lisa de Faria


Ira Kip


Neldrick Martis, Henry Rodríguez, Pierre Lauffer, Selim Haase, Músika Sinfóniko Antiano - Twents Jeugd Symfonie Orkest

Scenography & costumes:

Eddy van der Laan, Atelier Clement

Ligth design:

Jasper Nijholt

Outside eye:

Nicole Geertruida


KIP Republic 

Professional advice:

Gabri Christa, Jocelyn Bergland, Christian Yav, John Leerdam, Arthur Kibbelaar, Stichting Palm Music foundation & Ayra Kip

Thanks to:

Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds, Vriendenloterij, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Bijlmer Parktheater and Likeminds

About the maker

Faizah Grootens

Faizah is a graduate of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.She has already created several contemporary choreographies for Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Harlekijn danstheater, Compañía Taller Coreográfico de la UNAM, Laleget Danza and in Mexico, in addition to her career as a dancer in collaboration with Diego Vázquez, she has presented several programs, including one with Compañía Nacional de Danza. In 2022, she presented her latest duet While you're here - Tanten bo t'aki during the program of Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater Here we live and Now.  Her work has been shown at festivals and theaters such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes and Teatro de la Ciudad in Mexico, Chorea International Dance festival in Bratislava, Holland dance Festival, Kalamata Dance Festival, Oriente Occidente and Dansfunk Festival by Skånes Dansteater among others.
As a dancer, she has worked with various companies and choreographers such as Laleget Danza, Maurice Causey, National Opera and Ballet/ Itzik Galili, Another Kind of Blue, Harlekijn Danstheater directed by Herman van Veen, GrossDanceCompany, Miguel Rubio and Sine Forma.

KIP Republic
KIP Republic is an Amsterdam & New York based creative agency founded by twin sisters Ira and Ayra Kip in 2018. We are storytellers producing and curating cultural art projects and events, evoking conversation, critical analysis, building community and.. we make dope art! We collaborate with Artists, Cultural Leaders, Change Makers and communities alike. Designing a cultural scene that is equitable, evolving and exciting. You can find us in Amsterdam, across the pond in New York or at home in the Caribbean.

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